Hello, my name is Matthew Carter, owner of A. C. & A. in Lagrange Ky which also serves the Louisville community. Today’s topic centers around the stand-alone Medicare Part D plans available when you turn 65 or retire.  The prescription drug plan that you choose is determined by your current intake of medications and the pharmacy where you have them filled.  Deductibles vary from plan to plan and the maximum for 2023 is $505.00.  The deductible can apply to tier 3, 4, and 5 brand name medications.  Once the deductible is met, you must pay a percentage of coinsurance.  Be aware of spending that counts toward the coverage gap while on brand name medications.  You don’t want to exceed $4660.00 annually.     For more information Google Medicare supplement Lagrange, Kentucky.  Aines, Carter & Associates, Medicare Done Right the First Time.