Hello, my name is Matthew Carter, owner of A. C. & A. in Lagrange Ky which also services Louisville.  Today’s topic is the Medicare Initial Enrollment Period at age 65.  If you plan on having health insurance through Medicare, enrollment must be completed during the Initial Enrollment Period.  This occurs 3 months before your 65th birthday and continues for another 4 months.  For example, if your birthday occurs in April, then July is the last month to enroll.  After this enrollment period, applicants must utilize a General Enrollment or a Special Enrollment.  A General Enrollment application is completed between January 1st and March 1st for a July 1st effective date.  Most commonly, the loss of employer health coverage is used for a Special Enrollment Period.  For more information Google Medicare supplement Lagrange, Kentucky.  Aines, Carter & Associates, Medicare Done Right the First Time.