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1 01, 2020

Cancer Screenings and Medicare

By |2020-01-20T22:31:18-05:00January 1st, 2020|Medicare Insurance|

Cancer Screenings & Medicare Coverage Cancer screenings can be lifesaving procedures when they catch cancer early and allow patients to undergo treatment before the disease is able to progress. For that reason, Medicare and other insurance plans cover many cancer screenings at 100% of the Medicare-approved cost as a form of preventative care. However, coverage [...]

1 12, 2019

Your Guide to Understanding Providers, Claims, and Appeals for Medicare Recipients

By |2020-01-13T21:16:55-05:00December 1st, 2019|Insurance, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Insurance|

Sometimes, when trying to understand medicare providers, claims, and appeals, you might feel as if you need a magic wand, a Rubix cube, a decoder ring, and a sorting hat to achieve your goals, but it's not as complex as that if you take it step by step. Participating, Non-participating, and Opt-out Providers Participating, Non-participating, and [...]

1 11, 2019

Medicare Open Enrollment 2020

By |2019-11-25T21:24:41-05:00November 1st, 2019|Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans|

Medicare Open Enrollment, which is also called the Annual Election Period, refers to the period from October 15, 2019, to December 7, 2019, when those who are enrolled in Medicare are able to change or keep their prescription drug and medical coverage plans. After this period, very few or no changes in your Medicare health [...]

1 10, 2019

Medicare and Mental Health

By |2019-10-30T22:45:02-04:00October 1st, 2019|Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans|

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 20 % of adults above the age of 60 will suffer from a mental disorder. 6.6% of all disabilities among those over 60 years are directly attributable to mental and neurological disorders. Substance abuse is also a problem within this age group, yet it does not receive [...]

1 09, 2019

Can you Reduce your Medicare Premiums?

By |2019-09-30T21:21:02-04:00September 1st, 2019|Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans|

Medicare is a government health insurance program for individuals over the age of 64, with coverage that plays an important role in maintaining medical costs as you age. Medicare was enacted in 1965, and it is designed to provide health insurance coverage for those 65 years of age or older who have paid into Medicare [...]

1 08, 2019

Does Medicare Cover Vaccines for Seniors?

By |2019-08-19T22:06:49-04:00August 1st, 2019|Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Insurance, Prescription Drug Plans|

As a Senior, you are in a higher risk category. Likely, your doctor has already consulted with you about your health, wellness, and risk factors. He or she may have also covered some of the most frequent vaccinations that are recommended for patients who are 65 and older, particularly if you have health conditions that [...]

13 05, 2019

Medicare Part A and its Role in Long-Term Care

By |2019-05-16T19:48:38-04:00May 13th, 2019|Long Term Care, Medicare Insurance|

The need for long-term care can be for several reasons. Some elderly patients require extended care beyond the hospital walls because of chronic conditions the confine them to their homes. Other patients need long-term care to cope with terminal illnesses such as cancer and severe kidney failure. Your need for long-term care should not be [...]

13 03, 2019

Medicaid Versus Medicare – What’s the Difference?

By |2019-03-14T22:35:19-04:00March 13th, 2019|Medicare Insurance|

Introduction Health coverage is something that everyone needs and that some people simply cannot afford. Private healthcare is a billion dollar industry that millions of people are not able to be a part of. In an attempt to provide coverage for all citizens, the United States Government created the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Though both [...]

14 02, 2019

Medicare Part B Insurance

By |2019-02-14T20:54:58-05:00February 14th, 2019|Medicare Insurance|

Before Medicare was rewritten, the health plan approach for seniors in the U.S., there was only one version. Then, in an attempt to control costs and separate coverage to categories of basic preventative treatment, pharmaceuticals and full-blown complex care, the Medicare parts we know today were created. Medicare Part B is the modern version of [...]

15 01, 2019

Understanding Medicare Part A

By |2019-01-16T20:34:57-05:00January 15th, 2019|Medicare Insurance|

The concept of affordable healthcare is the main premise for the creation of Medicare as it's divided into two programs: Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Medicare Part B (medical insurance) whose primary goal is assisting with treating illnesses and conditions. And for those new to Medicare, the whole process can be quite confusing. It's [...]