Hello, my name is Matthew Carter, with another message from A.C. & A in Lagrange Ky. which also provides service to the Louisville community.  A.C. & A. specializes in Medicare planning.  Our focus today is going to be on how to choose a Medicare supplement company.  The first criteria to investigate is a company’s financial rating.  A financial rating of A or above will indicate the company’s ability to avoid passing on major premium increases to its policyholders.  Normal annual increases should remain between 5% to 10% in any given year.  Finally, evaluate a 5-to-10-year history of company premium increases for their Medicare supplement policyholders.  Taking these steps will help you choose a solid Medicare supplement company that will not only serve you well now but more importantly in the future.   For more information Google Medicare Supplement Lagrange, Ky.  A. C. & A., Medicare done right the first time.