We’re here today at Aines, Carter & Associates in LaGrange, Kentucky which also provides service to the Louisville community.  We are going to talk about COVID-19 and how it affects Medicare recipients. As shown on our website in red, we stopped face-to-face appointments on March 13th. We do video conferencing through Zoom. I have a Zoom appointment today. We also can use Skype as well and accomplish the same goals. Medicare recipients and COVID-19. As you all well know it’s a fluid situation. Those carrying around Medicare only, there will be no co-pays for lab tests. Your costs will be covered in their entirety. However, you are still subject to the $1408 copay for admission to the hospital, plus 20% for any attending physician. That might be a respiratory therapist in relationship to COVID-19 ect. on and on any physician that you see while you’re in the hospital. Medicare Advantage recipients, Humana and Cigna have waived all co-pays in relationship to COVID-19. The other companies, you would be subject to anywhere on average between $1,500 and 2,000 bill once you got out if you had to go inpatient in the hospital. For Medicare and Medigap, your Medicare supplement people, they have very little exposure at all. Nothing has really changed for them they go to the hospital they are not getting a big bill. I hope this helps and thank you for your time.