We’re here at Aines, Carter & Associates in LaGrange, Kentucky which also provides service to the Louisville community.  We’ve been closed for face-to-face appointments since March 13th which is indicated here in red on the website. However, I just got done doing a video conference appointment and it works out well via Skype or yesterday I was on a conference called Zoom appointment. Having said that new news and it’s good news for Medicare Advantage recipients of Humana and Cigna they are waiving all COVID related health care co-pays and deductibles for their members. If you require hospitalization and you’re a Humana Medicare Advantage recipient you’re not going to have to pay your hospital co-pays. That is fantastic news because a hospitalization or an event under a Humana Medicare Advantage planner, any Medicare Advantage plan for that matter could cost anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 dollars. Again with Cigna and Humana they are waiving all co-pays and deductibles for COVID-19 related illness. I hope this helps and this is your latest business update for COVID-19 and Medicare. Thank you for your time.