Hello, my name is Matthew Carter with Aines, Carter and Associates in Lagrange KY. which also provides service to the Louisville community.  The answer to the question in the above title is a resounding Yes!  Medicare Part A is provided to most citizens at no charge when they turn 65 or qualify for Medicare through a disability.  Part B is optional and in 2023 requires a premium payment of $164.00 monthly for most insureds.  Part A covers the hospital, skilled nursing, hospice, and home health care.  However, the meat of the insurance coverage is with Medicare Part B.   Part B covers physicians services in and out of the hospital.  That $56,000.00 dollar surgery that the doctor charges to repair a rotator cuff and fracture is covered by Medicare Part B.  Therefore, you must enroll in Part B if you expect to have coverage for health events that result in doctor’s office visits or hospitalization.  Aines, Carter and Associates, Medicare done right the first time.™