Hello, my name is Matthew Carter with Aines, Carter and Associates in Lagrange KY. which also provides service to the Louisville community.  Annual Enrollment is upon us and many new Medicare beneficiaries have questions about what this means. From October the 1st to December the 7th, Medicare recipients can change insurance carriers for their prescription drug or Medicare Advantage plans.  Look for changes in premiums, deductibles, preferred pharmacies, out-pocket-costs, formularies and ancillary benefits on your plans each year. Remember that Medicare Advantage is medical and prescription drug coverage combined in most cases.  The Open Enrollment Period allows Medicare Advantage beneficiaries another opportunity to change your medical plan and it occurs from January 1st to March31st.  With these two opportunities to make adjustments to your coverage, it’s important to seek an experienced independent insurance broker who specializes in Medicare. Aines, Carter and Associates will walk you through the process of making an informed decision about your  coverage for 2023.  Aines, Carter and Associates, Medicare done right the first time.