Hello, my name is Matthew Carter, owner of Aines, Carter & Associates in LaGrange, Kentucky which also provides service to the Louisville community.  Aines, Carter & Associates specializes in Medicare planning. The Open Enrollment period has ended, and it is time to prepare for Medicare 2021. For medicare benefit changes, please visit www.ainscarter.com and review the Medicare 2021 article published on the website. Also, MAOEP is on the horizon for those that are unhappy with their plan enrollment for Medicare Advantage. During the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment, beneficiaries can disenroll from their current coverage and enroll in another Medicare Advantage Plan. Beneficiaries can also disenroll from their Medicare Advantage selection and go to original Medicare with a Part D prescription drug coverage. This period begins on January 1st and ends on March 31st of 2021. For more information, Google Medicare Supplement LaGrange Kentucky. Aines, Carter & Associates, Medicare done right the first time.