Hello, my name is Matthew Carter, with another message from Aines, Carter, & Associates in La Grange, KY. which also provides service to the Louisville community.  Aines, Carter, & Associates specializes in Medicare planning. Our focus today is going to be the requirements for enrollment into Medicare Part A & B. Individuals who are turning 65 and qualifying for Medicare need to contact their Social Security office to sign up for Part A. If the Medicare recipient is continuing to work and receiving creditable coverage through an employer insurance plan, they do not have to sign up for Part B. However, it is important to note that a Medicare recipient does not have to sign for Part A and B if they have been receiving Social Security income before age 65. These individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A & B. If the Medicare recipient does not want Part B, then they must request disenrollment by contacting their Social Security office. For more information Google “Medicare Supplement LaGrange, KY.” Aines, Carter, & Associates, Medicare done right the first time.