Hello, my name is Matthew Carter, owner of A. C. & A. in Lagrange, Ky. which also provides service to the Louisville community.  A. C. & A. specializes in Medicare planning.  For these informational pieces, I like to address recent questions by current clients.  It is important to note that those individuals receiving Social Security before age 65 will automatically be enrolled in Medicare Part A.  For those that are not receiving Social Security before age 65, contact your local Social Security office to enroll in Medicare Part A.  Medicare Part B is optional and will require communication with the Social Security office for a decision on your enrollment. Remember, Medicare Part A is no charge for most United States citizens.  However, Medicare Part B has a premium based upon your income level.  For more information, Google Medicare supplement Lagrange, Ky.  Aines, Carter & Associates, Medicare Done Right the First Time.