We’re here at Aines, Carter & Associates in LaGrange, Kentucky which also provides service to the Louisville community.  Today we are going to discuss retirement if you’re over the age of 65 and the steps that you have to go through to get your Medicare set up correctly.  It is very important if you’re over 65 and retiring and deciding to enroll in your Part B of Medicare to sit down in front of someone knowledgeable, preferably independent brokers like Aines, Carter and Associates.  If you’re over 65 and retiring you will have a guarantee issue or an open enrollment if you’re just now enrolling in your Part B.  For those who qualify for Medicare in 2019 their Part A they have a guarantee issue into a Medicare supplement plan F and an open enrollment which is a automatic health free enrollment into plan N and G.  That is very important that you sit down and understand how all that works. I hope this helps and thank you for your time.