We’re here at Aines, Carter & Associates in Lagrange, Kentucky which also provides service to the Louisville community.  Today we’re going to discuss Social Security and its full retirement age. When we have a client that comes in and they want to know, “what is my full retirement age?” when they’re turning 65 and qualifying for Medicare, that’s going to depend upon the month, day, and year in which they were born. One person might qualify for the full retirement age at 66 years and three months, another person might be 66 years and two months.

The next question we’re asked is, “if I continue to work and keep my employer insurance, do I have to pick up my Part B as in boy?” The answer to that question is, you have to go to your Human Resources person and make sure that you have credible coverage. Once that’s established, then you can decline picking up your Part B and delay it until your retirement date. That way you save $144.50 a month for your Part B premium. I hope this helps, and thank you for your time.