As you age, it is natural for your health to gradually decline. Despite the fact that seniors tend to have more health care needs than people in other demographics, they usually have less comprehensive health insurance. Most retired individuals are responsible for maintaining their coverage, which is challenging on a fixed income. Medicare helps, but it’s too limited and often inadequate. For this reason, many senior citizens turn to Medicare advantage plans for greater protection.

Below, the team at Aines, Carter & Associates in La Grange, KY, explains what you need to know about them.

What Are Medicare Advantage Plans?

The advantage plans replace Original Medicare with the contractual expectation of offering better benefits to the consumer. They are meant for beneficiaries who want to take control of their health and improve their overall quality of life through greater preventative care. The plans are especially helpful for those living on a small or fixed income because they provide an inexpensive alternative to Medicare supplements.

What Do They Include?

Consumers can purchase advantage plans from private insurance companies that Medicare pays to cover the cost of care for those who qualify. They can include both medical and prescription drug coverage. However, that’s not all they offer! For example, most plans boast dental, hearing, and vision benefits in addition to the medical and prescription drug coverage. The individual options vary from provider to provider, but you can expect them all to offer benefits above and beyond what Original Medicare covers.

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